IGPE national food expo exhibitors pre-registration


    Dear exhibitors friend! Welcome your interest in this event, please fill in the information, we will serve you sincerity!

一.企业信息Enterprise information

1.   企业名称/The name of the enterprise*

2.   联系人员及职务Contact personnel and position*

3.   手机号码Cell Phone number*

4.   电子邮箱Email*

5.二.企业性质The nature of enterprise*
6.三.经营种类types of business*
7.四.参会目的The purpose*
8.五.申请展位、广告、论坛及奖项To apply for booths, advertising, forum and Awards*
9.六.如何得知本届展会How do I know this exhibition*


We appreciate your cooperation, I hope you succeed in the expo