Ringierevent Proposed Sponsorship Questionnaire 


*为必填项目 | *Mandatory fields 

一、您的企业信息 | Company Information 

1.*企业名称 | Company Name *

2.*您的企业之前是否与荣格有过合作? | Is this the first time you contact us*

3.主营产品 | Main Products
4.目标客户 | Target Customer


Which of the following sponsor item are you interested in?(Multiple choice, up to 5 choice.)*

6.您的大致预算? | Your approximate budget?
二、您的联系方式 | Your Contact Information

7.*姓名 | Name*

8.*职位/头衔/部门 | Position / Title / Department*

9.*邮箱 | Email*

10.*手机号码 | Mobile Phone*

11.When is your convenience to answer the phone?

12.地址 | Address

13.您的留言 | Your Message